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    Tableau Reader 5.1 - Registration Required ?



      We are rolling out Tableau Reader 5.1 to many users.

      It appears that each user has to register the reader when they install it.

      It also appears that once registered, users receive unsolicited emails/newletters/advertisments from Tableau.

      Many of the users are senior executives and would like not to receive these emails nor register the product.


      Is there anyway we can inhibit this registration message and allow the installation of the product on users' PC without registering it with Tableau.


      Thanks for your help.



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          James Baker

          Hi hazkaz, I would recommend asking your Tableau sales representative.

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            I think this is more of a technical question.

            We have already purchased the licenses and just want to not register the Reader for every user who installs it in the organization.


            Will Support be able to help with this ?

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              Michael Cristiani



              Some folks in the same situation as you have taken to installing the Reader on a Citrix server, and making it available to all end users who require it. This has been discussed elsewhere on the Forums, I think.  At the 2009 Tableau Customer Conference, Igor Kaludjer talked about how his organization implemented this approach.


              Would this approach, work?


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              Peace and All Good!

              Michael W Cristiani

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                James Baker

                Hazkaz, I stand by my previous recommendation.


                First, the registration level required at install time is not determined by the technical folks.  Secondly, you are not talking to Support here.  They can be found at support@tableausoftware.com - but they do not set the registration level required at install either.  If the registration requirements are causing you difficulty, please inform your Sales rep.  I don't know for sure that they can work something out for you, but I do know that you won't find satisfaction elsewhere on this matter.

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                  Thanks James.

                  We will contact our sales rep then even though our chances do not sound good.


                  Have the sales people been able to help clients in the past with similar requeste ?

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                    James Baker

                    I'm not sure, to be honest.  There are a variety of different activation strategies & registration levels, but I'm not sure what applies to Reader.

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                      Andy Cotgreave


                      This is a problem we have had at the University of Oxford - lots of academics registered Tableau Reader when we started sending out packaged workbooks. They then got marketing messages which they interpreted as spam. They then got in touch with us (who'd produced the reports) and told us they were unhappy using Tableau because they were now getting spammed.


                      I've spoke with Tableau many times about making the registration a little more transparent - the registration screen should have a couple of additions:

                      1. An explanation, or a link to one, of what the user's details will be used for

                      2. An opt-out


                      While they still haven't changed the registration policy (to my slight frustration), they do at least respond locally to my problems and bulk remove people in our university on request.


                      PS - With Tableau Public, I think it's fair enough to not have an opt out - hey, you're gettign a great product for free, so Tableau has a right to send you mail.



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                        Hi Andy,


                        Wondering if you ask them to use a "dummy" email at registration time would help. It is a thought I had to ask them to misspell their email or give them a "dummy" email to use in the registration form

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                          James Baker

                          Come now, lying about yourself only kicks the problem down the road to the next user, and I can't condone that.  What I am encouraging is that people call their sales rep, as Andy has done, to continue campaigning for optionality in email registration.  I don't think too many Sales folks read the Support forums, so writing here won't effect change.

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                            Andy Cotgreave

                            Hi Hazkaz

                            Asking academics to do anything is hard enough :-)

                            Encouraging them to create fake emails would be even harder.



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                              It is not lying, just trying to find a way to block the unsolicted emails from coming. Registration in of itself is fine, but having unsolicted emails coming is not something many users appreciate. Especially if the users are senior executives.


                              It is just a thought.

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                                . Mcnike

                                No one at my company has complained about getting spammed from their Reader registrations, which is a good thing!


                                I'll be honest, I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that we have to register every instance of the Reader when we install it for the first time.  But what really gets under my skin is that we have to re-register every time we do a patch-type of upgrade.  I understand that the minor versions are, in effect, full installations, not patches.  But I can't recall a single piece of software that forced this type of registration and re-registration process on their users.


                                Say I'm installing Reader 5.1.1 - shouldn't it be fairly simple for the installation process to toss a registry key into my Registry containing my registration information, or some kind of unique registration id?  So then, when I want to install Reader 5.1.2, the installation process simply checks my Registry and sees if I have Reader 5.1.1 installed, if true, then find the "registration information" key and send that off to HQ!?  I mean, how likely is it that the computer will change hands every single month? 


                                Does anyone know of what options we have for "auto-registering" the Reader if we were to do silent installations?  Or James, as you say, should I really get in touch with our sales rep on this one?

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                                  Elissa Fink

                                  Thanks everyone for the comments about our free product, Tableau Reader and our registration process.


                                  We require that Reader users register. That way, we can send them an initial message to welcome them to Tableau and suggest resources. In that initial email, there is an opt-out link so people can opt-out. If they don't opt-out, we then send them our every-other-month newsletter (which we try to make educational including visual examples, case studies, etc.). Other than the newsletter, we occasionally send other notices about product upgrades (new releases), and special events. Every notice has an opt-out link.


                                  We provide Reader as a free application to help make Tableau more useful to our customers and to help spread the word about Tableau. We like to stay in touch with all the people using our software. So when someone uses Reader, we think it's reasonable to share some news now and then. But if people want to opt out, we respect that.


                                  On the question about re-registration, we do ask people to confirm their information (the registration fields are pre-populated with previous registration information). This helps us know how quickly people are upgrading and what the mix is of versions in use. We can make better decisions about support, bug fixes, etc. when we know that.


                                  Hope this is helpful background. Thanks again for the input.

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                                    guest contributor



                                    I too ran into a similar issue attempting to install Tableau Reader agency wide.

                                    Although it uses an MSI, there isn't an easy method to install and register the program

                                    at the same time such as a property setting or related MSI feature.  Provide me your

                                    contact information and I can provide you some guidance on getting it installed.

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