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    Geomapping US counties

    . jdelvat

      Hi all,


      I have just downloaded Tableau Public and I am trying to play around with data from the US census.



      I was successfull in showing the estimated population of 2008 per state,

      but it seems that the counties are not recognized. They all end us as (0,0) position.


      How come the official county list from the US census are not recognized?

      Where can I find the list of counties used by Tableau?





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          James Baker

          The data set you've found appends the word "County" on to the end of every county name.  For example, instead of "Adams", the data set says "Adams County".  I figure this out by, after setting CTYNAME to the geographic role of "County", selecting "Edit Locations" from the same menu and typing in the first county name to see what auto-completed.


          You can create a calculated field with this formula: LEFT([CTYNAME], LEN([CTYNAME]) - 7) that will strip off the extra word on the end, leaving you with recognized county names.


          If you're working with one state, you may yet find your counties scattered across multiple states, because county names are not unique.  You can use Data -> Geocoding -> Set Default Location to scope yourself to a particular state.

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            . wswales



            I am trying to create custom geocoding for the restaurant-chain I work for based on DMA, as well as other internally based categories; regional director, regional vice president, etc. I was able to link latitude and longitude to each individual restaurant, however, I cannot figure out how to do it at a higher hierarchial level for regional director/vice president. Is there a simple way to get this information? In other words, rather than me going onto Google Maps and typing in the city names and then just randomly picking a latitude and longitude that is the closest, is there a better way I can determine this?


            For DMAs, how can I get this latitude and longitude information without going to Nielsen Media Research, Inc. directly and paying a hefty annual fee?


            Also, how can I get the underlying data for demographics that are in Tableau? Can I add any categories (i.e. shopping districts, strip-malls, etc.)?


            Thank you,



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              James Baker

              I know what CMSA is (consolidated metropolitan statistical area), but remind me what DMA means?


              http://www.batchgeo.com/ or http://worldkit.org/geocoder/ might be good tools for geocoding cities.


              There is info in the help on Custom Geocoding as far as adding Geographic Roles.

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                . Joris

                I am trying to create a map with hits by county, for Illinois only.

                But some counties, such as Lake, Cook, Pope, show up in different states. For exampple, Lake Country shows up in California. I assume that this is because California comes before IL alphabetically. Is there a way to ensure that my Tableau map only takes Illinois counties, including the examples above.

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                  . Joris

                  actually now I see that James Baker already answered it in his post - Data ->geocoding




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                    Bob Laverty

                    In 7.0, the state specification is under MAP -> Edit Locations.