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    Display dual bar on one Gantt Chart

    . khokhar



      I think its a very simple and basic thing to do, but i am kind of stuck. Need ideas !!


      (attached is the file). A very simple table with the following information.

      Project Name,

      Actual Start date and End Date

      Estimated Start date and Estimated End date.


      I want to display on One Gantt Chart what the over all picture looks like. i.e. How are the project going. So For each Project, I want to display 2 bars (in different colors). The first one should display the estimated duration, and the one below it should display the actual duration.


      I have got the 2 calculated fields but am having difficulty as to where they should be placed.


      Any help would be appreciated !

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          Erin Easter



          Can you save your workbook as a packaged workbook (TWBX) so we can get a better idea of what the data looks like? I'm guessing you're going to need a couple of calculated fields that calculate what you are looking for. For example, you'll need to create a calculation for Actual Duration using a formula like:


          DATEDIFF ('day', [End Date], [Start Date])


          That will return the number of days between the start date and the end date.


          If you post the TWBX, we may be able to show a more concrete solution.




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            . khokhar

            Here is the TWBX file. I have used that function and that is how I am getting the duration. The question is how do I display both the values on the same chart along with each other so it makes sense.


            Thanks !

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              Alex Blakemore

              The attached revision of your workbook allows you to combine actual and estimated ghant bars on the same worksheet. See both worksheets to see them combined on top of each other and side by side.


              The trick is to use a custom SQL connection that uses a UNION clause. Look under data->data connections->edit custom_sql.


              It would be useful if we could put points in time on a ghant chart with different marks than the bars, to be able to mark deadlines with diamonds for instance. But until/unless Tableau adds that feature, you can display bars on top of each other as you asked.


              The other trick is to play with the transparency slider so you can see overlapping bars.

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                . khokhar

                Thanks a Bunch ! I was looking for a slightly different view, but you helped me put it together. I am attaching the file which displays what I was looking for. Thanks Again !!



                Now, I got to figure out how to pull the tasks related to each project in here and show them in one dashboard. :-)