Hi everyone,


It may have appeared that I have been a bit quiet in terms of writing blog posts in 2018; my radio silence has been caused by my efforts to create a new blog website for my Tableau and data visualisation ramblings!


This work has now been complete and I have created 3 new blog posts that can be found on my blog site; (all of my old content has also been uploaded as well):


- Annotated Line Charts : My approach to the January 2018 Storytelling With Data Challenge

- Game. Tableau Set. and Match : How I used Tableau Sets to highlight key messages within my first viz of 2018, celebrating the sporting career of the Darts player, Phil Taylor

- Tableau 10.5 : What it mean's for server interactors


I hope you enjoy my new site and reading the 3 new posts, as always please do reach out if you have any comments!