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I've been using Tableau for two and a half years now and even now I am constantly learning new skills; whether that be through recently passing my Tableau 10 Desktop Qualified Associate exam or though the amazing blog posts, tweets and Tableau Public workbooks that people share across the Tableau Community every week.


Inspired by this continuous learning and the way the positive way the Tableau Community responded to my Tableau Top Tips, I have decided to start a new weekly initiative; 'The best new skill I've learnt in Tableau this week'. Every week I will be posting the best new skill I have learnt this week; over time, building up an informative and helpful set of Tableau guides that people can reference and, hopefully, learn one or two new Tableau skills along the way.


This week, and for my first new skill blog post, I share how I realised that when applying actions across a dashboard that has multiple worksheets you don't need to select or de-select each worksheet that you want the action to apply to. Tableau ticks every worksheet in a dashboard when creating a new action and it can be time consuming selecting only those worksheets you want the action to apply to. An easy and time saving way to get around this is to 'lasso' all of the worksheets; Tableau will then highlight the worksheets you have 'lassoed' and you can then tick one of the worksheets highlighted to un-select or select all of them at once.


This may not be an innovative new skill but it will certainly save me a lot of time in the future when building new dashboards.


It would be great to hear what is the best new skill you have learnt in Tableau this week so why not tweet your learning using the #BestNewTableauSkill


If you wanted to use my word document to share your Tableau new skill please do not hesitate to open it and replace the content with your new skill.