Following on from my earlier blog post that shared material to help users maximise their experience of Tableau Server, and inspired by the positive feedback provided by Hope Stiles, I thought I should share the next set of Tableau Top Tip guides that we have developed.


Attached are a few one to two page Tableau Top Tip guides that have been designed to help consumers of Tableau Server complete simple Tableau Server tasks:


- Exporting to PDF

How to export a workbook or view to PDF so a user can share the content externally without needing a live connection to Tableau Server.


- Favourite reports and tags

Describing two ways you can personalise your Tableau content; either through making a workbook or view a favourite or through using tags to filter the content displayed to you (personally this is my preferred way of doing it as you ensure any new content is available to you, where as limiting to favourites means you may risk only seeing those workbooks you have previously set as a favourite and not any new content).


- Resetting filters

Previously I shared for to save custom views or filters so that Tableau can remember your filter settings every time you load the workbook or view; however sometimes you may need to change your saved filters (for example you may have moved team or the organisation structure may have changed). This Top Tip walks you through how to reset a saved filter, allowing you to clear your previously saved settings and replace them with new ones.


As always, if you would like to re-use any of the material within your own organisation, please feel free to do so, all I ask is for a mention on Tableau or Twitter (@simonbeaumont04) acknowledging the work!


Happy viz'ing