Last night Kent Marten put out the bat signal on Twitter to try to get some help for Shane Turbeville to add a few polygons to a US Hex Tile map template that he was using for his Tableau Public workbook on the 2020 Democratic Primary.  The original files came from Luke Stanke (shapefile of hex states) via the Flerlage Twin's Blog (What the Hex?) (kevin flerlage and Ken Flerlage).


So...QGIS to the rescue.  I've added some new polygons for American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.


Working off of Luke's shapefile template, I made four new files with the islands in various configurations:



I was a bit arbitrary in placement of the islands (i.e., I copy/pasted and typed in attributes without looking at which polygon islands was which...), but figure that it's easy to edit attributes and swap around which polygon goes with which island.


Assorted files attached to this post if you want 'em! (Shapefiles and .hyper)


Send comments with graphics / annotations on where the polygons need to move and I'll see about getting them in the right places - or write up instructions and you can do it yourself ... special request I have made a version with the islands in alphabetical order (yeah, I should have just done that to begin with... new zip file with shapefiles and .hyper attached)