This year I thought it would be fun to make some vizes to explore the NCAA March Madness tournament.  One of the things that I have long wondered about is if the teams with shorter travel distances or fewer time zone changes fare better in the tournament.


This year I finally took the time to collect up a bunch of data to help me explore this and started making some vizes to explore, but now I’m running out of time and am running up against the great obstacle that I really just don’t care enough about basketball to finish this out. My vizzing laziness is your gain in terms of data!





So, I’m handing over the data that I’ve collected so that people who do care, have time on their hands, have questions, and want to viz the bejeebers out of it to make something cool can have some fun.  The Excel file attached to this post has data through the results of the Sweet 16 (3/23/18).   The TWBX has assorted calculations for jittering and calculating distances in KM (if it's useful to you...but if not, just grab the data and have fun)!


This should be enough detail for all sorts of other mapping hijinks.


Here’s what I’ve got for you:

Team Data

  • School
  • Seed
  • Conference
  • Record
  • Berth Type
  • Overall Rank
  • Tournament Region
  • Time zone
  • City
  • Lat/Lon


Game Data

  • All rounds of tournament
  • All games so far + blanks to fill in for the remaining games (update the teams, scores, win/loss column, and details on opponent name / score)
  • Unique game ID & Game Number (I created these for simplifying LOD calcs in Tableau, not an official ID of any sort)
  • Round
  • Scores
  • Some random fields that I used for jittering points in Tableau (quicker than my fiddling with a table calc for this)
  • Arena name
  • Time zone
  • City
  • Lat/Lon



Good luck and good mapping!  Holler if you have questions about how I've put the data together... I think it's self explanatory, but that may just be because I put it all together