Attached are the materials from the talks I gave at TC15: Demystifying R Integration and Jedi Strategies for R Integration. Video and powerpoint slides of the talks can be found by signing up for the virtual conference here, and then searching for Mary Solbrig: Tableau Conference 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada October 19-23. (I'm not allowed to attach .pptx slides here)


To run the JediR.twbx without errors: On Windows, visit the sheet 'Initialize' before visiting the rest of the workbook, or move the code from extraCode.R into your source file. On mac or linux, you will need to move extraCode.R into your Rserve source file. Also insure that  you have the following packages installed in R ahead of time: mvoutlier, forecast, spatstat, sp, maps, maptools, rgeos, geosphere.


Some additional information from attendees:

In both talks I advocate moving files from <install lib>/libs/x64 to C:\Program Files\R\R-3.1.3\bin\x64 in order to get print statements to work. Turns out this is not necessary! Someone came up and demonstrated that using run.Rserve() instead of Rserve() will allow print statements to appear directly in R or R Studio. I didn't catch the person's name, apologies, but many thanks to whoever that was. This means that starting up Rserve to print statements can be done in 3 lines:


install.packages("Rserve")   #only necessary first time code is called




I know that it is also possible to specify the location of a config file in this line of code, so I'll play around with that and post it below.

There are still some advantages to having the rserve.exe work, like being able to pin it to your task bar, so if you would still like the instructions for getting the separate Rserve console, see slide 35 of Demystifying R Integration for step-by-step instructions.


Other comments:


One of the most asked about questions is forecasting in R + Tableau. There is a great blog post on this subject already: Using R forecasting packages from Tableau « Bora Beran

If you would like this to be easier, like maybe a "Use R" option in the Forecast Options Dialog, I'd suggest up-voting the following community ideas post, and maybe adding other ideas for how to make this easier to the comments:


I will see about creating a blog to go into some of the examples in more detail. Thanks for those that came, and for the comments!