When you ramp up Tableau server to thousand users, there are a lot of things to think about such as scalability, HA, security and data governance. A few weeks back, NetApp Santosh Adari and I co-presented a webinar to Tableau server & online community on how to improve the technology, people and processes in order to effectively implement Tableau internally. The webinar had 130 participants and is well received. Santosh and I got some positive feedback and a lot following up questions, which is good. This is exactly what community is about. Not only I am able to help others, but also there are always people in the community who can make me better.


If you missed the webinar, the recording is @ Tableau Admin Virtual User Group 4.28.mp4 - Google Drive


As summary, the webinar talked about NetApp's system architecture & governance processes used to scale server to 4,000 users:

  • HA clusters, hardware configurations, SSO, load balancer
  • Monitoring (TabMon, customized admin views)
  • Alerts (performance alerts, extracts failure alerts)
  • How to distribute admin work (sites, site admin)
  • Release or publishing process
  • Workbook performance management process
  • Data governance process


If you want to learn more about Tableau governance process or Tableau Center of Excellence. You can visit my other blogs site @  Enterprise Tableau

I am writing 10 blogs just for the governance processes.