I love Tableau. My passion is about Tableau server deployment - how to create governed self-service model with Tableau, people and process.  My company’s Tableau server added 4,000+ users within one year ( http://enterprisetableau.com/presentations). I got a lot tips & helps from Tableau community during last 2 years. I also want to give back, which is why I created a Silicon Valley Enterprise TUG focusing on Tableau server deployment which got a lot positive feedback. Recently it is recommended to extend the Silicon Valley Enterprise TUG to nationwide, which is why I become the co-owner of Tableau Server & Online Admin group. This is the first webinar for this group.


This webinar went extremely well with about 200 audiences via Zoom. Zoom is cool with its video, chatting and Q/A features. Speaker Mike Roberts (Zen Master) did amazing job to keep audiences closely for about 50 minis while I was busy answering questions via Q/A messaging. Mike shared great insights on workbook performance:

  • Workbook MetaData : What’s actually in the workbook (filters, row shelf, column shelf, etc)? Where do we get all the metadata WITHOUT using tabcmd/rest api? PostgreSQL / psql
  • Desktop vs Server: Something that performs well on desktop *should* perform equally well on Server. But sometimes that’s not true, how to troubleshoot it?
  • Alerts: How to create performance alerts to your workbook as people often don’t know if their workbook performance gets slow or not.

According to Mike,  a good workbook isn’t just one which performs well in Tableau Desktop. A good workbook should have following characters:

  • Data - general rule: more data = potential for high latency and poor performance
  • Design - proper use of filters, action, mark types, etc
  • Delivery - Where it’s delivered has a large impact on how it performs

The slides used is @ https://docs.com/DataRoberts/3584/tableau-workbook-internals

The code used is @ https://github.com/ps-data/ps-analytics-public

The recording is @ here for Webinar recording