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Ask Data Feature: Disable by Default Enable by Group membership

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From a user experience perspective, our team would prefer to only allow the Ask Data feature on data sources we publish and optimize.  That way users only experience  the feature when it works best.


I would like to propose a feature that would Disable Ask Data by default or the ability to turn it off per server unless published by users of a specific Group and the publisher explicitly enables it.


Based on the documentation, the Ask Data Feature is Enabled by Default, and is managed by the data source publisher.  This is problematic for our team to administer and monitor user published data sources that are not optimized, and to manually turn off the feature per data source would be in-effective, when the publisher has the ability to turn it back on.  In addition our Tableau instances have 100's of data sources across 3 environments: QA, Development and Production.  So a manual solution is not manageable by our small team, and will not scale.


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