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Dashboard Button Customization

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With buttons in Tableau, we're now able to use an image to help a user understand button functionality.  This is a great version 1.0.


It would be great to extend button options with the following capabilities:


  • Use Text instead of an Image to help a user understand button functionality.
    • Sometimes a single word or phrase can help a user know what to do much faster than an image that the brain interprets.
    • Per this forum (Dashboard Button Text Overlay ) post, a workaround is possible if a user wants to create an image of a text string; however, users should not be forced to use an external application or have , to be able to point their users to their data with some text.  And to confirm the post author's opinion, no, it is not enough to just have a tool tip.  Among other benefits of the product, Tableau is about helping users find answers as fast as possible (right?), so the user shouldn't have to hover over a button before finding out what it does.  Imagine a case where a well-designed dashboard needs 10 buttons, and you can understand why tooltips as the only text option may waste the user's time, versus button text overlays.
  • Modify button shape (rounded / angled corners; maybe circular or other shapes?)
  • Modify button shadow
  • Modify button colors
  • Modify some interactivity (mouse actions, animations)
  • Modify text font colors, font style, font, etc. (assuming the first bullet above is implemented)


Thanks for considering!


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