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Option required to hide TOOLTIP in mobile app

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Currently I am using mobile app 2019.1.

In my dashboard action filter is running on 'selection'. On desktop/laptop, tooltip appear by hovering the cursor and Action aplied by selection. It's fine for desktop/laptop But in mobile app both activate by selection (if action is applied by selection). In this situation i dont find solution to hide tooltip. if I select or click same then tooltip as well action filter get deactivated. if i click any other item than action filter applied on that.

It's very difficult situation to handle.




1. Run Action on Menu:

This work fine in both. But if action run on seection is working fine in desktop than why should apply my current approach.

Two poblems in this solution

P1- For this i've to modify all existing dashboards in the orgenisation.

P2- Users are habitual with selection function


This will be helpful if i can apply action on device custome layout. at present this is not avilable in tableau desktop 2018.1.


2. Enable hide option in Tooltip (same as clear selection) on mobile app

3. Automatic hide tooltip afte a fixed intervel (like 3 to 5 second) from selection.

4. Hide tooltip by single click on tooltip itself.

5. Disable tooltip: This is very uselful feature of tableau. we cannot disable tooltip.


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