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Oracle Autonomous Data warehouse Connector to Tableau Online and Tableau Desktop

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Hello Tableau Team,


     Currently i have the need to connect from Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse to connect to Tableau Desktop and especially Tableau Online.


Use Case:


     Autonomous Data Warehouse uses wallet to connect to other sources over the Internet and could not connect to Tableau Online.


Additional information/links:


1. About Connecting to an Autonomous Data Warehouse Instance


Possible workaround:


1. Connect from Tableau Desktop to Autonomous Data source  -> create the visualizations in Tableau Desktop.

2. Publish the Dashboards to Tableau online and use them.


    This is the possible workaround that I am thinking about and haven't tested yet. Will keep you posted as soon as I test it out.


     It will be extremely helpful if there is a connector available in Tableau Online to connect it to Autonomous Data Warehouse.




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