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Increase character limit for Dashboard Button tooltips

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I love the dashboard navigation buttons added in v2018.3!   But it would be really helpful if either there wasn't a character limit on the button tooltips, or at least a substantially larger limit than 80 characters.  I want to define or describe the object I'm using as a button in that button's tooltip, then allow the user to click on the button to go to another dashboard.   The text I need to show in my current project does not fit in 80 characters, and I can't think of good workaround.  If I float the button over a worksheet with a regular tooltip that has all the text I need to show, the button blocks the tooltip from displaying.  If I float the worksheet on top of the button to access its tooltip, the button underneath can't be clicked.


I will probably have to just use the worksheet with a URL action and forgo the button for this particular dashboard, but then I have to work around the worksheet turning blue and becoming inactive after it has been clicked once unless the user clicks again.  My go-to workaround for that problem has been using a dummy data source per Josh Milligan's million dollar idea:  but I was really hopeful that the new button objects would make that need obsolete.  Almost...


Phil Naranjo


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