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Ask Data: Explore All Questions with more interaction

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Hey there,


I am playing around with Ask Data and I love it!


But I have feedback on the way questions are saved by Tableau Server:

Right now a question is a workbook with a sheet. This is always the same.

When I have 25 questions, I end up with 25 workbooks with a sheet 1 inside.

When I navigate between questions I have to go back to workbooks click on a workbook and then click on sheet 1 to see the question.


Idea #1 (short-term)

It would be helpful already to be able to name the Sheet 1 directly from Ask Data to something more specific.

Therefore I can use the Explore Worksheets tab in my Ask Data Project to navigate between questions quickly.


Right now it looks like this:


Idea #2 (mid-long term)

What about a special section to show all Ask Data questions in an overview


For Example:


This place shows all Ask Data questions with an interactive visual, you can click on the question title to navigate to a specified workbook with more in depth analysis?

wouldn't this be the most awesome personal landingpage on Tableau Server / Online?

Feedback is welcome!


Lets make Ask Data the best NLP Data Analysis platform in the World


Merlijn Buit


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