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Approval flow/trigger for published data sources

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Currently any user with Tableau desktop/creator licence or permissions can publish a datasource onto Tableau Server. I find that this leads to many published data sources being created and the value of this feature being lost as users don't know which to use. I am aware of the certified feature, but again anyone with site admin or project leader role can do this.

I'm suggesting that when a user publishes a data source it goes through the normal process and is pushed onto the server. But it is not made available for use just yet. At the same time it triggers a workflow to the server admin and notifies of this. The server admin can then verify the datasource, if it an approved source. If it is approved, they can click and allow the data source to then be made visible to the users who can connect. If it is not approved they can click deny and the data source stays hidden or is removed from the server.


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