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Make Tabelau a Kubernetes ready application stack

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Make the Tableau server a first class citizen for the Kubernetes platform. Containerize the application deployment.



Today we install Tableau server via the installer package on virtual machines (VM). This takes a long time and is somewhat cumbersome and takes a lot of special knowledge. Whereas in the cloud native space applications can be deployed to the Kubernetes platform with relative ease, when the application is running inside a container.


As the Tableau sever already consists out of many different processes these could be decoupled and deployed together and still stay kind of independent. Like for example the VisQL Server process or the Application Server process. By utilizing the Kubernetes scaling mechanisms these processes could be scaled out horizontally when our users get to work and reports get rendered, created, or just used. Given that the Kubernetes cluster has enough compute ressources in form of RAM and CPU available. Tableau deployments in one of the major cloud provider environments would become a lot easier. And it will become even more easier with the ever growing adoption of Kubernetes thoughout the various industries as the knowledge for maintaining the cluster will be at hand for many companies.


Kubernetes provides a rich ecosystem for application deployments like the management of secrets, providing stateful ressources like shared storage for the persistance of data, or the necessary service discovery that all the existing Tableau services will find each other.


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