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Tableau Public / Tableau Online : Support for Thai Language in Server Side Rendering (:render=False)

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Dear Tableau Team,


I would like to create idea for Thai People using Tableau Public.


Like we know, when the view is not complex... Tableau Server (including Tableau Public Server) will use Client Side Rendering (:render=True), but if the view is complex, by default Tableau Server will use Server Side Rendering (:render=False)


When we use Thai Font with NOT COMPLEX sheet, Tableau Public will use Client Side rendering by default and it will have no problem.



When we use Thai Font with COMPLEX sheet, Tableau Public will use Server Side rendering by default and it will have problem, we need to use :render=True to overcome the problem



With :render=True



But when we use *Dashboard*, this get complicated


If we use any dashboard with non *Fit* feature (Dashboard with no Fit Width / Fit Height / Fit Entire View)



:render=True (Client Side Rendering will help)



But when we use Dashboard with *Fit* feature



Even :render=True will be useless





This is the MAJOR problem for Thai Tableau Communities, and make Tableau Public adoption is slower than it should be.


Like I know, Tableau Public shifted from Windows Server to Linux Server and (NON-THAI Linux Server) don't have Tahoma Font


I can reproduce this issue in my CentOS based Tableau Server for Linux, but I solved the problem by copy tahoma.ttf / tahomabd.ttf to /usr/share/fonts/ ... problem solved


We can use Server Side Rendering with Thai Font if we have Tahoma Font with Thai Glyph.


We would like to know if Tableau Public can overcome this issue by copying Thai Font their server farm or ... have another way to render the dashboard with Thai Font...


This issue is also happened with Tableau Online ...


You may try on!/vizhome/DEMO_THAI_PROBLEM/DEMO_THAI_PROBLEM_DASH?:render=True

(I hid from public search already)


Best Regards,


Vorapol S.


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