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Add Service Account data connection for Google BigQuery

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Our IT organization does not support OAuth on the Tableau Server to connect to BigQuery. They require the use of a Service Account rather than an individual user account.  Without this authentication, users cannot publish dashboards to the server and schedule refreshes.  They will need to update the data source locally to authenticate to Google and then re-publish the updated dashboard.  There is a requirement for some dashboards to use extracts for efficiency and cost savings. 


For dashboards with live connections, this limitation will require users to update the credentials on the Tableau Server each time they change their network password.  With over 1,000 developers and nearly 5,000 consumers, we may not be able to use Tableau for dashboards connecting to BigQuery.  With the current expansion into the cloud, more future development will be in BQ and lacking the ability to use service accounts is a significant limitation.


Google Service Account details:


The only known workaround is for users to update workbooks locally and republish or to use another service.  Local updates are not scalable and will prevent developers from using Tableau with BQ.


I am a developer, a server admin, and provide Tableau Training to the organization.



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