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Feature Request: Disable scheduled refreshes

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Here's my situation:


  • Tableau Server was recently upgraded
  • "Upgrade" in our our organization means standing up a new server and migrating workbooks from the old version to the new
  • When the new server was built, it was built without some of the drivers that were available on the old instance
  • Workbooks using these drivers are generating error messages when their scheduled refreshes run


We need to go through change management to install the missing drivers (a time-consuming process) and I don't want people to keep getting error messages for a known issue.  Ideally, I would like to be able to disable the scheduled refreshes for affected workbooks.  There's an option to delete a scheduled refresh but then I would recreate each after the driver was installed.  That means tracking each workbook's refresh schedule and recreating it after the underlying issue is resolved.  Toggling the refresh between disabled/enabled would be cleaner and less work.


Bonus request:  Expose this functionality via the API and/or tabcmd


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