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Add Union Step without creating new branch (Tableau Prep)

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Include an option to add a union step into a Tableau Prep flow without creating a new branch.


Currently I have a handful of flows I created without realizing they were going to be on-going projects and require the addition of new data (often from previous years contained in separate data sources). I already have a variety of steps (cleans, joins, and pivots) setup to get the data into the "final" format, but when trying to union additional data towards the beginning of the flow it creates a new branch rather than fitting things into the existing flow. This means I now have to "redo" each of the following steps to account for the fact the union is on a separate branch and wasn't included from the start. It seems like the following steps of the flow should be able to be retained since the fields are not changing other than the addition of the "table" field.


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