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Ability to disable automatic email invitations when adding new users

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Currently, when adding new users in Tableau Online, there is no way to disable the automatic invitation email that is sent to the new user.


I am proposing the ability to disable the notifications during the "add new user" workflow so that an admin can provision users and handle the invitations asynchronously. More specifically, by disabling the automatic invitation, an admin could instead generate a temporary password for the new user, and distribute it using their own means.


As an example: We just finished building an external dashboard for our customers that leverages user filters to limit their views to their own data. As I am configuring and testing the 50+ users, I do not want them to receive an invitation from Tableau with absolutely no context. Instead, I would like to be able to configure their accounts, test their views, and then issue their credentials during an in person demonstration.


Ideally, this would be a configurable option when adding single users through the UI, batch creating users with CSV files, as well as creating users using the REST API.


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