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Tableau Public profile badges

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Inspired by TC18 Fanalytics here is an idea discussed on the table I was part of; how cool would it be if Tableau Public had badges that could be awarded to your Tableau Public profile to reward you for participation in community initiatives or reaching certain milestones. For example if you participate in an IronViz Feeder you could be awarded an Iron Viz participation badge, the finalists could get an IronViz finalist badge and similarly if you achieve certain milestones you could receive a profile badge to recognise your achievement, for example Viz of the Day winner, Viz of the Week winner, or publishing 100 vizzes, achieving 500 followers etc.


The community could make suggestions for what the badges would be, it would be a way to empower and enthuse the community even more and also to help people search for profiles of interest based on badges awarded. As long as the badges were limited in number and structured well enough, Tableau Public could automatically award the badges when you achieve the required milestone and then it would show up on your Tableau Public profile page.


Finally the badges could then be linked to Tableau Conference so if you have been awarded a badge in the last 12 months you could visit the Tableau Public stand at conference and collect a pin badge of your profile badge, giving you something you could wear and be proud of what you have achieved in Public.


I know it isn't anything technically ground breaking but so much of what we love about Tableau relates to the community and showcasing achievements and skills via Tableau Public and I think this would be a fantastic way of bringing people's participation and achievements to life.


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