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Tableau Conference App Improvements for 2019

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This is probably going to be an evolving list of ideas, but here are some off the top of my head. By all means add ideas I've forgotten in comments.


  • Release it a month in advance, not 2 weeks
  • Create two ways to tag sessions - definite and maybe - because if the session we want is full, we might want to see the list of contenders again to select our second favorite
  • Make sure profiles are editable before release (can't add photo in web or mobile)Resolved
  • MAKE SURE YOU CAN "UNCHECK" a session, especially for reserved-seating sessions. Sometimes we change our minds or choose a different time slot for that session based on availability of others. But currently I am unable to uncheck reserved sessions or regular sessions, forcing me to manually enter my "real" sessions in Outlook - Resolved
  • Make sure both web and mobile can handle 15K+ users at once. Web app is painfully slow and both apps crash frequently. - Resolved
  • Braindates are awesome - give us a way to add them to our schedule They are in meetings section and in "My Schedule" now - yay!!
  • Give us a way to manually add ad hoc meet-ups, networking sessions, dinners, etc.
  • Give us a way to add data village time or slots of time for other things that run all day long
  • Enable us to see the sessions on a map - we might choose one session over another based on proximity


I'll edit this as things come up, but what else would you add Tableau peeps?


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