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Tableau Prep choose columns to group on/not pivot instead of columns to pivot (was Tableau Prep Clever Pivoting)

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Hi guys,


I'd like to share with you my idea regarding Tableau Prep. It's a good instrument. However it requires some improvements. One of them is clever pivoting.


Currently you choose the fields to pivot. However:

     1) when you have a lot of columns

     2) when new columns for pivoting are added to data source

the instrument becomes insufficient.


The idea is to make an option to choose which columns not to pivot. The rest are going to be pivoting automatically.


The improvement will help to speed up and automate the process of data source preparation. It also combines prefect with refreshing of data source.


Thank you lot for you attention.


Trust this helps to everyone.



[20190731 Changed the title to be more clear about what is being requested.]


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