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Wildcard union for SAS datasets in Tableau Prep

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Like for CSV and Excel files I would like to have the ability for wildcard union for SAS statistical files.


This would be extremely helpful, because we have 10-200 statistcal files for a union. A regular expression to select multiple SAS datasets from multiple folders of a fileshare in one input node would simplify the workflow very much and would saves a lot of manual effort when creating the union.


This is a typical challenge in pharma research and development where each clinical study has its own set of SAS dataset stored in a folder and you need to union SAS datasets from one study with those from other folders when you want to do an analysis with data from multiple clinical studies.


Wild card could be regular expression (very powerful, but also hard to create), or more business user friendly pattern concept e.g.  \\drive\folder\{folder1,folder2}\folder\dm.sas7bdat or D:\folder\**\folder\*.sas7bdat.


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