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Create a "Custom Site Role"

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There are actually 6 "Site Role" on Tableau Server : Server Admin, Site Admin, Interactor....


I would like to be able to create some "Custom Role".


Exemple : I would like someone to be able to Manage User and Groups but not seeing "Schedules", "Task" and "Status".

Or maybe go further and be able to make some writer or viewer permission on specific Menus.

Someone writer on "Users" and "Groups" and only viewer on "Schedules", "Task" and "Status". Or only viewer on all Menus  "Users","Groups", "Schedules", "Task" and "Status". Or viewer on Status, and Groups writer on User ... and bla bla...


This would be very helpfull.

As I don't know how to drive this actually.

Indeed, I would like someone to have the ability to import, and manage users and Groups on a specific site but I do not want him to change schedule and task...






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