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Let me "Replace Data Source" in Tableau Prep

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I love the option in Tableau Desktop that lets me right-click a data connection and Replace with another.  This is actually a fairly common task that I'd love to see made simple in Tableau Prep.


Real-world use cases:

  • Many organizations, especially enterprises, have separate environments for DEV/PROD/TEST.  Give me the ability to switch easily.  (Parameters in Prep would make this even easier - see
  • I have one file that I'm using for input, but get a new version.  I have some options (, but a nice Replace Data Source would be great!
  • The organization migrates our database to the cloud and I have to create a new connection
  • The organization moves the database to a new server
  • Susan opens my flow on her machine and wants to use with a different, but similar, set of sources
  • etc...


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