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Ability to Create Calc with [Measure Names] & [Measure Values]

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There have been many times where I wanted to create a calc like  if [Measure Names] = 'Profit'  then x else y end   This is especially useful when using the [Measure Names] & [Measure Values] meta data pills on the sheet topology.  A text book example is in the attached 10.1 workbook where I would like to label the bars with the relative table calc but cannot because of not being able to create this calc using [Measure Names].  I have to use creative workarounds as shown in the attached workbook to achieve this.


Likewise calcs could be created with [Measure Values] such as [Measure Values] >0 which could allow the calc to be placed on the "Shapes" mark card!


This feature will open up many options and analytic capabilities!


This capability would also have synergy with the popular idea of having MULTIPLE [Measure Names] posted in this thread:


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