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Tableau Prep - allow more than 10 resulting fields from splits

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I hit a standstill recently because I had a text field that had 40 or more values in a single field separated by a delimiter.  I wanted to split and then pivot the values, but no matter what kind of Split I tried (Automatic or Custom > All Fields), the split only resulted in 10 fields.  I notice that 10 is the maximum on the drop-down if I were to select a value for first or last.  I know I could write 40+ calculations (e.g. SPLIT([Field], "|", 1), SPLIT([Field], "|", 2)) but what a pain!  (and I had 4 such fields, so 160+ calculations altogether - no thanks!)


Please allow more than 10 fields to result from the Split.  I know I'm going to hit this again at the worst possible time when I have to have data clean and ready for someone


[Marked as released for 2019.1.3, the Automatic or Custom > All fields now handles 150 splits - Jonathan]


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