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Tableau Prep: Enable flow items to be moved manually

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Dear Tableau Prep Team,

I am currently building a very complicated and long flow with multiple data layers which are combined using a union at the end. My flow has about 90 items in it and 16 different data streams. Currently it looks like a spider's web gone-wrong because I am unable to neatly show each data flow in order. Most of them overlap and the data element lines cross over each other. Tableau Prep places the next step in a flow wherever it pleases and I am unable to change its position on the page, thereby producing a mess on screen.

The major issue here, apart from it looking messy is that I have to carefully follow each flow line and this makes my development time much longer.

In Alteryx I can move everything around on the screen to suit my needs.

Please make it so I can move the data elements around manually.




--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

As per note courtesy of Maraki Ketema, this idea is now marked Released (available with Tableau Prep 2019.2.2 release)

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