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Allow switching off auto-update (flow execution) in Prep  [RELEASED | 2020.1.1]

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Tableau Desktop allows to switch off auto-update, which is quite handy when I need to apply a series of changes that will each be computationally expensive but I don't need to see any itermediate results, just the final one.

The Prep doesn't have that, every time I touch something it kicks into action and strats loading my CPU etc, when I would much prefer to pause it, make the series of changes and then resume the flow.


Typical (and annoying) case in point:

I am joining two tables on multiple identically named fields, Prep guesses only one of them - so I have to manually select the rest from the bottom left 'Suggestions' pannel. As I'm doing that - Prep is busy processing the incomplete join to show me the join results, and as I'm about to click on another joining field - it expands the middle panel on the left, in which the join results are about to be displayed, in the process resizing the Suggestions pannel and making me click on a different fields pair. This frustrating "cat & mouse" game continues for a while.

One option is to wait for each join change to be fully processed, before adding more join clauses, but who's got the patience?

Much better option would be to pause the auto-update, build the join clause, then resume.



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Released in 2020.1.1

Further details in blog by Youssef Shoukry

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