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Create Tableau Prep Macros (Workflow Chunks)  [RELEASED | 2019.3.2]

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I have already created several prep flows where I repeat several steps multiple times or the same step for multiple fields.


It would be great if we could group chunks of a workflow into a chunk that can be used and re-used across other workflows.


Example: I have to aggregate a field into unique values then replace all nulls with some other value. Finally I need to merge that field back into the main data source and remove any duplicate fields. This takes 3-4 steps (branch, aggregate, clean, join). If I want to do this for another field I would have to do that over and over again.


I'd like the ability to take that chunk of the cleaning process, and simply turn it into a single step like a macro.


That would radically reduce the amount of time to build the flow and prep my data.



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

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