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Allow formatting of numeric and date fields for display purposes

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It would be wonderful to be able to specify desired display formats for fields in the flow.  For example, I may want to see a date field formatted specifically (and I shouldn't have to write string manipulation calculations - see this thread: Date format displayed ).  Other use-cases include:


  • Numbers that are years should not have a comma, but some numbers may have similar values but are not years and I do want to see the comma (e.g. 1950 vs. 1,950)
  • ID fields that are displayed with commas, but I don't want to see them (e.g. 19,355 should be 19355)
  • Fields that are currencies and it would help me as I work in a flow to instantly recognize them as such (e.g. $14.50)
  • Fields that have a high precision and I either need to see it to understand the precision or simplify it for faster cognitive recognition of order of magnitude (e.g. 19.93335 v. 19.9 v. 20)


What would be nice:

  • Allow individual formatting of fields and apply throughout the flow (dates might be the one exception where I'd be okay with a global setting)
  • Give a small indication on the field that it has been formatted so when I see 20 I know it might be 19.93335
  • An option on whether the formatting should be retained in the output (e.g. should $14.50 or 14.50 be written to the .csv?)  I would probably be okay with an explicitly stated "formatting is for display in profile and data grid only and not for output" but I can see future ideas that would want to control it.
  • Bonus: pass the formatting meta data to the .tds output so it retains the default formatting in Tableau




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