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ODBC connection for Tableau Prep

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I use an ODBC connection through Cdata to Tableau 10.5 as we connect to a number of sources but the primary being Intacct.  We have to join a few tables together as well as do some data source page cleaning to create our data set and we were hoping we could connect the same Cdata connection through ODBC to Tableau Prep.  Currently we have to create the data extracts first in Tableau 10.5 and then put them into Tableau Prep.  The problem, however, is that the extracts can take a considerable amount of time to complete without cleaning which is why we do lots of column removal and filtering prior to joining and extracting in the data source page.  It defeats the purpose of Tableau Prep if we have to do all of the cleaning in 10.5 in order to have a time efficient, workable extract to put into prep.


Thank you and hopefully this will benefit a great number of users in addition to us.




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