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Tableau Prep: Ability to add notes  [RELEASED 2018.2.2]

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In Tableau Prep you can view any element within the flow to understand what is happening, but we think it would be great feature to be able to include human readable explanation notes for future developers working on our flows. This could also include directions of what to do, and what to look for, if changes are made to base datasets or troubleshooting etc.


This could also be used to show non-technical people all of the technical things that are happening inside a flow, but using terms that are understandable to them.




--> Update Sep 6th 2018 (note courtesy of Anushka A )

Releases of Tableau Prep from 2018.2.2 onwards (>= August 2018) allow you to add Descriptions (longer notes) to Steps in the flow.

You can see a short video at the bottom of the blog post:

New in Tableau Prep: Now in seven languages, plus command line flow scheduling | Tableau Software


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