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Tableau Prep: Connect to a Tableau Data Source     [RELEASED 2019.3]

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I desperately need Prep to have the ability to connect to a Tableau data source. Both local (.tds, .tdsx) data sources, as well as published data sources hosted on Tableau Server. The use cases are not necessarily the same, but both are important.



    • Some data I wish to connect to exists in Tableau already as a data source. However, if I open the extract, the fields lose all their pretty names, and I'm left having to reconstruct their names.
    • Often, these data sources contain complex joins with numerous tables that I don't need dirtying up my Prep flow diagram.
    • Cannot do a direct join on Data Sources in Tableau--only blending, which can be very restrictive. I want to be able to directly join beautifully curated data sources together.
    • Cannot union Data Sources in Tableau. My most recent use case involved grabbing three sets of data from different Tableau Servers and trying to union it together. Being able to do this in Prep (even if only on a local data source) would have saved me a ton of time.


There are no doubt many more, reasons for this--add your use cases, friends!


--> Community Manager update Amanda Boyle

Feature released in Tableau 2019.3 version

Connect to published data sources with Tableau Prep  ( Feature 102946 )

Available today: Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Tableau Server Management Add-on | Tableau Software


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