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Be able to Create Sub Folders on Tableau Desktop

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Hello All,


I'm an Architect, as part of my job I develop lot of dashboards, reports, data sources etc., Though there are lot of great things about Tableau, the more I work with Tableau there are moments when I'm like wish Tableau has this feature. One such feature is be able to create sub-folders on Desktop for better end user-UX. Here's my problem description,


Currently we're able to create folders on Tableau Desktop which makes it easy to organize/group similar dimensions. But I really wish and also seems practical to be able to create Sub-Folders, through this as a developer I could organize/group similar sub-folders under a parent folder. I believe this makes it easier for the end user to find what they're looking for. I do not know if there's already an idea out there, certainly I didn't find it.


Here's the use case, I am developing a Tableau Data Source to enable self-service analytics. This is what my current Measures section look like,

As you can see it's a long list of Measures (I have similar structure in my Dimensions). What I wish is I can group all PF&F folders under a PF&F parent folder. All Tobacco folders under a Tobacco Parent folder. This would greatly reduce the clutter, and makes it easy to search.


Hope this makes sense.


Please feel free to post any related ideas or threads.


Thank you,

Shiva Ram.


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