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Allow publisher permission to child project only w/o publisher permission at parent project

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V10.5 nested project is a great feature but to publish to a child project, the publisher permission has to give to both parent project and child project, which ends up with not only a lot of extra permission setting but also missing enforcement for 'child publishers' not to publish their content to parent project. This IDEA is that when a publisher permission is set at any child project, the user should be able to publish to the child w/o having to have parent project publish permission.


This IDEA will allow us to have the following permission setting:



The current V10.5.1 and 10.5.0 feature will end up with the  publisher permission setting:




* Community Manager Note: From Ann Ho Product Manager, Content Management
We delivered this solution in our September, 2018 maintenance releases so users can now publish from Tableau desktop to nested projects, even if the user does not have publish permission to the parent project. The user does, however, need at least View permission on all parents in the project hierarchy. Users will need to update their Tableau Desktop and admins will need to update Tableau Server.  I will respond accordingly!


Thank you! - Amanda Boyle, Tableau Community Manager


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