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Viz in Tooltips - Highlight Action

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Currently, the Viz in Tooltips work as a set filter.  I'd like the ability to highlight instead of filtering.


This could be used for a multitude of business use cases.


I want to be able to highlight a point on a spark line.  I think this would be an easy and awesome addition to the capability.

The current "zooming" capabilities just show a different date level in the filter, but you can't tell what point on the line you are actually hovering.

This could be extended then to zoom on line charts using parameters to look at +/-  n months and put a dot on the line.


Here is a video showing what I want to do, but I used a background image to show the line all the time as the set filter filters to a single point for each year.



Current Tooltip code:


<Sheet name="Tooltip Bar" maxwidth="300" maxheight="5" filter="<Year>">


Desired Capability:


<Sheet name="Tooltip Bar" maxwidth="300" maxheight="5" highlight="<Year (copy)>">


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