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Tabcmd 10.5 / 2018.1 / 2018.2 - ability to use sub-projects / nested projects or to specify parent project path by parameter ( --parent-project-path )

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Hey Tableau Team,


I see that starting Tableau 10.5 you introduced the sub-projects feature which is GREAT!

But, the issue is that TABCMD is no longer up to date with this new project structure, meaning that one cannot use sub-projects for the --project parameter for any of the commands.

The documentations specifies that the REST API should be used instead, but the REST API does not provide all the functionality that TABCMD offers at this point.

E.g.: I cannot use the REST API to trigger an extract that does not have any schedule assigned and also I cannot run a synchronous refresh of an extract. With tabcmd I can do all that...


Please consider updating TABCMD so that sub-projects can be used as value for --project parameter or implement a new parameter similar to the --parent-project-path parameter that "Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility" has since v10.5.


We have developed a lot of scripts to automate various tasks like refresh extracts, create/delete projects, publish/delete datasources and workbooks. Some of these can be ported to using the REST API, but the refreshextracts command is much better implemented within tabcmd compared to the REST API.




  • 04/26/2018: Updated the idea to include TABCMD v2018.1 as well. Hopefully the support for nested projects will be added soon.
  • 10/10/2018: Updated the idea to include TABCMD v2018.2 as well. Seems like Tableau is making progress on this and --parent-project-path is already implemented (although not advertised yet) in tabcmd v2018.1.4 and v2018.2.2, but still lacking some functionality like publishing to a nested project in conjunction with --replace or --append options.






-->Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Marked as Released. cc'ing Irwin Dolobowsky

Parent project id supported via tabcmd.

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