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Dashboard Item Hierarchy Improvements

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The Item Hierarchy seems like it is something that is often overlooked by most dashboard authors. I find it pretty useful, especially when you have a complex dashboard with many layout containers.


A couple things I'd like to see:


In v10.4.2, the order in the hierarchy seems to be floating items, then tiled items in the order they were put into the dashboard.

  • I'd like to see this list order by floating items, then tiled in top to bottom, left to right order. This metadata is already available by the X,Y positions. In the picture below, my horizontal container with the filters is actually at the very top of my dashboard. I think the layout order is more intuitive than created time.



I love how you can right click a sheet or a container to get the context menu. Left click will only select the item in the dashboard.

  • It would be really sweet if you could click and drag within the hierarchy to rearrange items in the dashboard. More specifically I think there is a bigger need to just place items into layout containers. Sometimes complex dashboard can get pretty unwieldy and dragging items in the dashboard view doesn't always drop the item where you intend. This seems to happen to me mostly when I have layout containers within another container (and so on) and I'm rearranging sheets within those containers. I'd love to go to the hierarchy to have more specific control of the rearrangement.




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