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Project View should Default to "Workbooks" pane

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With the addition of Nested Projects (great feature!), I have seen that the default view in a project is now the "Project" pane.  When there are nested projects, this makes some sense, as the user then picks the nested project they would like, but when there are not any nested projects, the user is defaulted to a "Project" pane (inside a project) that is blank!  As a default, users should be entered into the "Workbooks" pane when there are no Projects within a Project.  I would also consider making this the full default mode.  To me, the user is looking for the workbooks in a project.  Nested projects allows more organization and governance (my main interest), which is not the concern of the user usually, therefore it would make sense to have "Workbooks" be the default pane in a Project.




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