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Ability to kill/stop running extract refresh tasks.

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Tableau server should offer an option to Pause/Stop/kill an ongoing extract refresh tasks under "Background Tasks for Extracts" dashboard.


1.It has been seen that there is dependency on data loads & users schedule their extract refresh based on their ETL load completion but incase of ETL load delay ,extract refresh starts execution on time and we can not kill/stop them during their execution and it just reload same data which was already in there. In such cases if development team can notify us that there is no refresh of data load from ETL end ,Server admin can just Kill/Stop that extract refresh task .We have seen this in our project more often ,we have workaround to handle it but its manual.


2. Its also been seen that users ( mostly new who don't understand that they are using a shared environment) just trigger every now and then manual refresh of their extract  using "run now"  option which impacts original scheduled extract refreshes. giving kiling/stopping capability to server admin will help releasing backgrounder process from unneeded extract refresh.



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

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