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Allow Automatic Refresh of Google Sheets on Tableau Public when part of a Cross Database Join

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Currently, Google Sheets connections can be automatically refreshed once per day on Tableau Public. I love this!  It allows for all kinds of creative and dynamic content.


The current limitation


But the feature only works if the data connection is to a single Google Sheets document.  Once you create a data source with connections to multiple sources and cross database join them together, Tableau Public doesn't support an automatic refresh (see


So, this can be refreshed:


But not this:



because it uses more than one connection.  And it doesn't matter what the connection is.  It could even be two different Google Sheets and it won't allow the automatic refresh.


What I'd like to see

I get that it's difficult because the refresh desired isn't the full extract I'd normally want to refresh.  In this case, I'd just like the Google Sheets data to be refreshed and then re-evaluated in terms of joins with other tables.  I get it -  the extract only contains the results of the joins and not the original data making it very difficult to refresh just a piece and then re-evaluate everything.  But is it impossible?  I hope not, because it could be very useful.

Why it would help

Beyond the fact that data connections are often complex and involve bringing multiple sources together, there is a specific use case for Google Sheets:  because Google Sheets have some limitations on cell count, sometimes the data gets split between multiple documents.  Being able to stitch these records together using a data source like a text file to form a faux union is the solution.


What would be even better

Allowing automated refreshes of all data sources on Tableau Public would be even better and would eliminate the need for this solution.




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