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Editing database connection on Server

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So I'm working at a client that uses Teradata as a primary data source. Within their data environment they have 3 instances (Dev, UAT and Prod).


The issue we are running into is that we can edit the server connection to point to a different instance (so from Dev to UAT), however within each instance the database name is prefixed differently (i.e. Dev_###_### or UAT_###_###). The database name is the same except for that prefix that changes per instance.


I think this type of functionality that will allow you to edit a database connection within the Server would be awesome. It will help with time (as you don't need to download the data source, edit it, recreate the extract and publish again) and it'll help manage company data governance better as you are not downloading data onto a local (or server machines) that shouldn't be downloaded.



So we have a Dev server called TeraDBDEV with a bunch of databases (e.g. DEV_Finance_Credit).

The UAT server is TeraDBUAT with the same database UAT_Finance_Credit.

In server we can edit the connection (TeraDBDEV to TeraDBUAT) however we cannot edit the database name.


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