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Data-driven alert warning when add recipients who do not have permission

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Data-driven alerts allow interactors to set threshold on the numeric axis of the view and receive emails only when the data exceeds the defined threshold, it also allows interactors to define how often to receive the emails. It works for custom view as well and interactors can define multiple alerts with different thresholds for the same view. This is an awesome long waiting feature.


The current behaviors are:

  • For subscription or conditional subscription, Tableau does not allow you to add an user who does not have permissions.
  • For Data-driven alerts, Tableau allows to add an user w/o permission, however Tableau checks the permissions before email goes out.


Data-driven alert owners are normally interactors who have no idea if the alert recipients have permission of the view or not. When interactor data-driven alert owner adds John as a recipient, current behavior is that it says John is added successfully as long as John is a valid site user, Tableau does not check if John has permission or not, which gives data-driven alert owner a wrong impression that John should receive the alert. Actually if John does not have permission of the view (or if John does not have email setup on Tableau server site user profile), John will never receive this alert.


This IDEA is to add following features to enhance the user experiences :

  1. To check recipients' permission when recipients are added to the data-driven alerts.
  2. If all recipients have permission, go ahead to show recipients are added successfully (current behavior)
  3. If any recipients do not have permission, popup a warming saying 'those recipients do not have permission to the view, they will not receive this alert till they have permission to the view, please work with workbook owner 'xxxx' to request permissions. Do you still want to add them to your alerts?"
  4. Give data-driven alert owner a chance to make any further changes for recipient list after the popup warning. If data-driven alert owner still wants to add any recipients w/o permission, go ahead to allow it.


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