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Data Alerts API

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Hi all,


I know that there's a lot there on the subject: FAQ:  Rule-based Alert


And I know there's the new data-alert functionality in 10.3 (10.4?). <= That's exactly what I need - except I want to create & manage those programmatically; (or at the very least be able to do that from an embedded dashboard).


What I would want is one (or both) of the following:


1. Be able to create a data-alert programmatically through JavaScript

or better

2. Be able to create a data-alert programamtically through the REST API (preferred)


Either way, I should be able to fill this in through code:


Something along those lines:



PUT /api/api-version/sites/site-id/views/view-id/alerts

Request Body

   <alertmeasure="Avg. Days to due date"
Above or equal to"
        subject="Data alert - custom subject"
        send-interval="Daily at most"


Of course, expecting an alert "id" back.


In the end, the whole alerting system should be manageable through the REST API (Create, modify, delete, query).


All the best,




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